IT Service for Atlanta Busines.
Software / App Implementation, Systems Integration and Security First!

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WorkGroup Computing LLC ...

                          … makes it all work.  To be productive your computers, software, phones, apps, network, cloud and people all have to dance together.  

Core Competencies

Outsourced IT Service

Complete management of your IT infrastructire

Network design, installation

The backbone of your operations has to work flawlessly. WANs, LANs, Wi-Fi, VPNs.

Microsoft Infrastructure

Expert in all things Microsoft, including Office 365, Azure AD, Windows Severs, Hyper-V, and desktop platforms.

Application Software Integration

We make software work..


Internet and voice telecom, including multi-site VPNs, VoiP telephone, and


Security is baked into everything we do. Security First!

John Auskelis

John Auskelis is a computer systems integrator, with experience in business application software.  On IT teams John is known as a ‘utility player’ because of his broad understanding of how to get software to  work.  His expertise spans the ‘stack’ from the physical level, through networking and into the cloud.